Advantages of Open-Source Softwares

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Open Source Softwares

Open Source Software are free applications released under special licensing terms where the core coding is viewable and able to be edited to suit the needs of the user.With the plethora of Open Source applications available, you might conclude that you’ll never have to buy software.

Principle of Open Source and its Advantages.

The principles of Open Source Software

• Free redistribution
• Source code must be included
• Must allow modifications and derived works
• Integrity of the author’s source code
• No discrimination Against Persons or Groups
• No discrimination against fields of endeavor
• A single license must apply to all users
• License must Be technology-neutral


• Software is free of Cost .(Easily available for Free Downloads)
• Constant improvement of software
• Limitation of finance is not an issue for developing programs and interfaces
• No need of depending on any particular vendor/organzation for maintainance
• Affordable and appropriate to small and Goverment Industries.


• No one can be made Accountable if the software doesn’t work.
• Sometimes,less Secured.

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