Microsoft SQL Server

Active Server Pages MS SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server is a relational model database server produced by Microsoft. Its primary query languages are T-SQL and ANSI SQL. SQL Server 2005 SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2008 R2 Architecture Protocol layer Data storage Buffer management Logging and Transaction Concurrency and locking Data retrieval SQL CLR Know [...]

Classic Active Server pages (ASP)

Active Server Pages Classic ASP Active Server Pages or Classic ASP, as it is more commonly known, is a technology that enables you to make dynamic and interactive web pages. ASP uses server-side scripting to dynamically produce web pages that are not affected by the type of browser the web site visitor is using. The [...]

Microsoft ASP.NET

Microsoft ASP.Net ASP.NET ASP.NET is a free web framework that enables great Web applications. Used by millions of developers, it runs some of the biggest sites in the world. ASP.NET is a web application framework developed and marketed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. It is [...]

WordPress – Open Source

WordPress What is WordPress ? WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. The core software is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and when you’re ready for more there are thousands of plugins [...]

Joomla – Open Source

joomla joomla Joomla is a free and open source content management system (CMS) for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets. It comprises a model–view–controller (MVC) Web application framework that can also be used independently. Since May 2010, beta versions of 1.6 were made available for testing purposes. This version adds a full [...]

Microsoft Windows .NET

Windows .NET NET Framework Overview The .NET Framework is Microsoft’s platform for building applications that have visually stunning user experiences, seamless and secure communication, and the ability to model a range of business processes. The .Net Framework consists of: Common Language Runtime – provides an abstraction layer over the operating system Base Class Libraries – [...]


Adobe Air Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that enables web developers to use their existing web development skills, code and tools to build and deploy rich web applications and content to the desktop. Adobe AIR has a rich set of features, with support for building applications using HTML, JavaScript, Flex and Flash. The [...]